Groups or Families sailing courses

Your sailing experience in Sardinia with friends or family

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All toghether for a Sailing course in Sardinia, join us, with your friends, or family

Groups/Families Sailing courses in Sardinia, with Playa Sardinia, Italian or English speaking courses.

Have you ever thought about a common sailing course, an experience to share with your best friends or your family members? Now you can!
The group or family sailing course, allows you to learn together and enjoy the wonderful Sardinian sea. From Castelsardo or Isola Rossa harbours (this last on Request), with a minimum of 3 crew members. You can start via a booking reservation all year round. With more than 6 people, for large groups, it is possible to book a flotilla formula.

Groups/Families - Sailing course items
Custom items from beginner, intermediate, or advanced level.

Boat availability, a dedicated instructor, safety equipment, insurance.
Starting from one session - min. 2/3 hours, average course 3/6 sessions.
Starting from 5 sessions, Playa Sardinia issues a Sailing course certification.
These courses are only available via booking reservation
For courses within July and August it is necessary to book in advance.

Groups/Families - Sailing course price
20,00 Euros/Hour/Person*, minimum 3 adults crew members,(discount for member less than 12 years old), max. 6 p.
Playa Sardinia membership and insurance included.

Group sailing courses
Sardinia Group sailing courses
Sardinia Group sailing courses -2
Lega Navale
Playa Sardinia

Playa Sardinia Sailing school activities

Playa Sardinia sailing school offers a good range of keelboat sailing courses and excursions,
in Sardinia, from the Castelsardo or Isola Rossa harbours.

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