Night sailing experience in Sardinia

A short and magic sailing experience during the night in the summer

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Discover coastal sailing in Sardinia during the night

Playa Sardinia sailing school will drive you on a magic night sailing experience in Sardinia. (English or Italian speaking).
A unique Experience to enjoy sailing under a sky full of stars, on a boat under the moonlight. You could experience these sailing opportunities from Isola Rossa or Castelsardo Harbour with 32 or 34 sailing boats.
Here some example from Isola Rossa, ask us other opportunities from Castelsardo.

The Notturna - Night XP is time limited to allow everyone to discover this kind of experiences.
It's a must to try in North Sardinia.

Notturna - Night XP
Here you find the main experience types:
A) Notturna Short - Night XPS - Dedicated to everyone - Departure at 20:00 from Isola Rossa harbour, with a light breeze. The route to Badesi /Valledoria with the bow to the sunset, discovering safety rules and Night navigation techniques. Sailing coastal navigation for two hours, back at 22.00 into Isola Rossa bay, anchoring in front of the beach,  and having a light dinner with pasta and fruits, talking with friends about Sailing and Sardinia or something else, by looking at the wonderful view of Isola Rossa coast. Back to the harbour around 23:00.

B) Notturna Medium - Night XPM - Dedicated to everyone - Departure at 18:00 from Isola Rossa harbour, with a light breeze. Route to Castelsardo, with the bow to the sunset, and Castelsardo profile in front of us, that will increase its brightness during the night.
With an average speed of 3/4 knots and a quite sailing you will discover Sailing and Safety techniques, and the landscape changes of the coast during the route.
Around at 21:00 the arrival under the Castelsardo's rock. Depending from the forecast will be possible to anchor under Castelsardo, or to moor in the harbour, to eat a light dinner included.
We will leave Castelsardo at 22:00  back to the Isola Rossa Harbour, The arrival will be around 01/01:30 AM.

C) Notturna Max - Night XPMAX - This sailing excursion is dedicated to Sailors, and with at least one member of the crew, except the Instructor, able to helm with safety rules.  The experience is for all sailors that would like to improve their experience about night sailing with a crew. (roles, safety, shift pattern, route and details).
Departure at  23:00 from Porto di Isola Rossa, a route to Stintino, with a light breeze. during the night a three hours shift on deck, with all the safety rules check.
After around 8 hours of sailing, we will anchor at Stintino bay.
A sweet relax on the transparent Stintino water with breakfast on board, free until 10:00 AM, then departure with a route back to Isola Rossa.
Arrival around  18:00 .

The Experience items
32 Sailing keelboat, a dedicated instructor, safety equipment, insurance, fuel, galley. A unique sailing experience on the North coast.
All the experiences are available only via booking reservation and with a previous weather forecast and equipment check, for safe sailing experience. About Notturna Medium and Max an extra crew experienced member is needed. About July and August, it is necessary to book in advance.

From Euro 60,00/person, with at least 2 persons for Notturna Short.

Playa Sardinia Sailing association -  All the activities are dedicated to the association members, It is possible to ask the membership to join at the experiences, insurance included. Ask information or details via the booking request down below.

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Due to the COVID-19 Risk analysis and prevention, Playa Sardinia has updated course activities, with more safety features. All courses and sailing activities, until new updates, are allowed for a maximum of four guests, with a mandatory COVID FREE declaration, mask, body temperature, and Boat sanitization.


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